Dec 29
My New Hair :)

My New Hair :)

Aug 29




Aug 29
I Think I Have Fallen In Love &lt;3

His Name &#8230;. Is Phillip ;DD

I Think I Have Fallen In Love <3

His Name …. Is Phillip ;DD

Jul 21


In Meh Boy’s Bed;)

Jul 21

quote Smile; It Look’s Good On Ya(:

— Meh Mind Bitch;DD
Jul 21

One Summer’s Morning’s

Good Afternoon;)

How Are You?!

Hahhaa Ooh Yeahh You Can’t Answer weeeeeeellllllll

This morning i went for a run about lets say 5Am, It was Hott :P

I was on the fhone with my Boyfriend and for some odd reason i was looking up baby names…XD…Anywho…We found a lot of cute names but one that We really like is Hayden Beau. Or Like Jayden Beau for a boy and We found a lot for girls:) They are too CuteXD The last names would be Manciu-Robles. Sooo Yuppp

I really do hope i’m with him forever:)

Cuuuzz i really do Love Him. With all meh Heart:DDD

But now im sitting in my dark room all alone waiting for him to awake:)

Watching this movie…sorta haha I feel like its maybe 9Am or something but its past lunch time. I cant eat anymore today..Im 135.8 last i checked..i just wanna be skinnnyyyy!! Lol well skinnier:)

Soo im about to go on Facebook and talk to meh peoples:)

Have a Jolly day

Love; MeInSkinnys

Jul 16

Rainbow Types
by Marc Johns


Rainbow Types

by Marc Johns

Jun 30

quote Quote of the day:
Don’t Act Like Someone Your Not.

— My Mind :DD
Jun 30

My first day(:

So i should get to bed tho…

but i sorta wanna do this little thingy(:

Today i wake up at 6, To make Egg’s for my dad’s Girlfriend’s daughter named Summer. She sorta get’s annoying. But she’s 5 soooo i can kinda see why she might. Buuuuutt i was watching her. So i made her Egg’s she ate them(: Then thought we should go for a walk at … 10am. was COLDX( Meh..I didn’t Enjoy.

When we got back, I fell asleep.

Wake up later at uum well lets say 5XD

Toke a shower then made some french toast for dinnerXD Noone was home, I was alone…but that’s not really new. Later on everyone came home about 9. I thought about going for a walk but then didn’t have anyone to go with me so i went out in my backyard and sat around my fire that i had going:)

Got in trouble around 11 for helping out…This get’s ANNOYING!

Sooo now i’m on Facebook. Just like everyone now days:D Talking too my wonderful friends i have:)

Thinking about things i’ve done, but i should go to bed tho..cccuuuuuuuzzz tomorrow i’m going to Michigan Adventures with my Boyfriend thatttt i Love And Adore with all meh Heart (: